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    As you can get the visa


    For obtaining the tourist visa to Jordan, you should present a set of mandatory documents, otherwise we will not be able to extend the visa.

    Passport to Jordan

    You should present a valid passport with at least six month validation period.

    Visa Application Form

    Visit our offices or download the request form.

    Passport-size photograph

    A passport photograph 35 x 45 mm where his face can be seen clearly and avoid using ornaments that hides your expressions.

    Certificate of Employment for travel to Jordan

    You need to present a certificate of employment or proof of income.


    A valid authorization of both parents must be presented, the document must be duly authenticated.

    Bank Deposit for travel to Jordan

    To finalize the process you’ll have to make a deposit to the bank account of the Embassy of Jordan (Davivienda Bank), the number of that account will be given the day you come to the documents.

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